Find a Child Care Provider

Finding the right child care provider can be challenging, however, Child Care Connection (CCC) is here to support you in your search. CCC offers families referrals to licensed family child care home providers and center-based providers in Inyo County. These referrals are not recommendations and, as a parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to select the child care provider you believe will provide the best care for your children.

You can obtain a child care referral by contacting CCC at  or by calling (760) 873-5123 x. 0. You can also find up-to-date child care provider information through

***Licensed Child Care Facilities with Openings ***

Our Quality Counts Inyo County brochure is a great tool for you to use when selecting a child care provider.  It contains some important questions to ask when searching for a provider.  information regarding health & safety, nutrition. This Choosing Child Care (Como Elegir el Cuidado de su Hijo) brochure also provides useful research to aid in your search. 

Anyone searching for child care has the right to child care licensing information, including substantiated complaints and access to any public files pertaining to licensed facilities.  To access this information, call California Community Care Licensing (CCL) at (661) 202-3318 or click here to search for a facility on the CCL website.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, child care providers included in your referral search may have closed. If you would like to speak to CCC staff member for help, please contact us at (760) 873-5123 x. 0 or email